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To Ensure You Travel Better & Easier

We provide a wide range of services to suit all your needs. From managing and analyzing all of the tiny details for your leisure and cooperate travel, we cater to your simplest and most challenging needs with compassion and passion.

We have the knowledge to deliver all travel and tourism related requests received from company, family or individual among others.

Below are the services we provide to our customers.

1. Hajj and Umrah
Being our fundamental service, we are committed to providing the best experience as you visit the Sacred Mosque. We pride ourselves in offering world class services which include;
  • Hotel Bookings & Accommodations
  • We offer top accommodations with comfy rooms to give you a relaxed and pampered stay. Experience elegance, comfort and space each to your liking. All our rooms offer exquisite commodities to ensure a recharge of energy after a full day of adventures and activity.

  • Visa Processing
  • Our goal is to provide a flawless experience on all your tour and Visa processing. To ensure a stress free experience, we will take care of all your Visa processing for Hajj and Umrah travels for your ease and comfort while planning your trip.

  • Visit To The Historical Places For Sightseeing And Tour With Professional Guides
  • Round Trip Ticket On A Specified Airline
  • Exclusive Luxurious Ground Transport

2. Air Ticketing and Reservations

At Weli Travel, we provide you with the best deals and packages according to your budget.

We ensure financial protection by finding and booking flights to any place in the world for you and ensuring you’re at ease as you plan your trip.

3. Visa Services

It is our aim to guide and assist with Visa application and acquisition. We endeavor to make the complex visa process simple and requiring minimal effort on your end. This ensures that you have a comfortable, well planned and organized trip.

We provide an all-inclusive Saudi Arabian visa service through the Enjaz system and below are the different types of visas for the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Business Visit Visa
  • These are issued to businessmen, investors, representatives of companies, managers, sales managers, etc.

  • Family Visit Visa
  • These are for those who wish to visit their families and relatives in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mission and Organization Visit Visa
  • If you have been invited by an embassy or an international governmental body in Saudi Arabia, we provide a complete service to obtain a Saudi Arabian Missions & Organizations Visa on your behalf.

  • Extension of Exit Re-entry Visa
  • These are for individuals holding valid residency cards, they may apply to extend their re-entry visas if they expired.

  • Government Visit Visa
  • To obtain this Visa, you must be invited by a Saudi Arabian Government Department or institution after getting an approved visa authorization letter from the Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry.

  • Student Visa
  • These are non-immigrant Visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship.

    These Visas are available for the purposes of studying in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Diplomatic and Special Visas
  • These are available for holders of diplomatic or special passports.

    We also process visas for other Countries like;

    • United Arab Emirates
    • Turkey
  • Indian Medical Visas
  • For those seeking medical treatment in reputed specialized hospitals/treatment centers in India.


For a comfortable stay during our clients’ visits, we have partnered with trusted and reliable hotels to give you nothing but the best experiences. On top of this, we offer transportation services for a seamless and comfortable experience.

Below are some of our partner hotels:

  • Hyatt Regency
  • Pullman
  • Swissotel
  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Anjum
  • Sheraton


Experience luxury with every trip and tour made with us. Weli Travel prepares and delivers well-paced trips to all destinations on your travel list, ensuring that you enjoy every minute of your trip.

From Dubai to Turkey, and all other luxurious destination spots, we will take care of the planning; transport, accommodations, trip activities, meals, adventures and guides.

Trust us to match your wildest travel dreams at affordable rates.

  • Visa Processing
  • Ground transport
  • Return Flights
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Historical Sites Tour

6. Car renting

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